There are times that jet blast protection systems become an after-thought once a project design is finished and/or when airfield re-construction has already been started. Only then is it realized that there is a jet blast conflict between the new aircraft pathway and a vehicle roadway or a building causing real danger to airport personnel or the general public. A jet blast protection system now needs to be fitted around the constraints and restrictions of the approved design.
This in turn can result in greatly increasing the costs to the airport due to additional construction and ultimately delaying the opening of a new runway. A custom fence may now be required as a proper solution. Additional civil engineering work may now be required to install the fence footings that could have easily been incorporated into earlier work. Additional approvals and communications may now be required to all parties involved in the project further causing delays. To avoid such unnecessary costs and problems, BlastFence International can consult on-site with the airport planners during the preliminary planning stages of a new airport project in order to help integrate and specify the best economical solution for jet blast protection. We’ll be able to share our expertise upfront before designs are approved and contracts are tendered. It’s proven over and over again that the sooner you call the better.

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